Monday, February 23, 2009

God knows...

Chris just got a new alarm clock/iPod dock/radio for our room from Circuit City, yippee! Unfortunately the alarm is set to go off at 1pm and we do not know how to change it because it didn't come with a box or an instruction book.

Saturday when the alarm went off Adam asked how you turn off the alarm and Chris responded with "God only knows." So yesterday when the alarm went off at 1pm I mentioned to Adam that I was going to try and figure out how to turn the alarm off and he responded with "Mama, God knows!" I giggled and told him that he should ask God how to turn it off. Adam responded with "God, how do you turn off the alarm?" he then paused for a moment and said "Mama, God didn't tell me."

Sometimes God responds in ways we don't understand.

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Princess Pinky said...

Hey, that's like Jason's old alarm clock. It would go off (i think at around 1pm) everyday. Did you at least get a good deal on it?